Press management

Press management

Press management

The Santos Dumont Institute’s (ISD) Communication Office assists journalists and media outlets offering information and support for the  content production involving the Institute or the areas in which it operates.


Various news about the ISD can be found in the main menu of the website, in the News tab. 

The ISD communications team can also assist press professionals with:

  • Suggestions of guidelines for reports;
  • Scheduling interviews with ISD sources in the various areas in which the Institute operates;
  • Supply of support material (documents, images and footage), if necessary;
  • Scheduling dates for filming or photography at the ISD Units, among other demands.


Communication Advisors: 

Mariana Ceci

Ricardo Araújo


Phone number:  

+55 (84) 99416-1880


Important: These are contacts for press issues.

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