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ISD launches the Campus of the Brain, in Macaíba, Brazil

April 5, 20184:28 PM

The Santos Dumont Institute (ISD, as Portuguese abbreviation) inaugurates its new home! Since March 26, the facilities of the Edmond and Lily Safra International Institute of Neurosciences (IIN-ELS, as Portuguese abbreviation) and the Administrative Headquarters of the ISD have been moved to the Campus of the Brain, located in the city of Macaíba, Brazil.

Initially, about 100 people will develop activities on the new infrastructure, including researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, high school students and professionals from the administrative division. The Research Center building, with four floors and 15,000 square meters of constructed area, will be occupied in stages in this first phase of activities. The first laboratories to house scientific research were of the electrophysiology, neurorehabilitation, neurobiology, neuroengineering, neuroprosthetics, computational neuroscience, human-machine interface, conventional microscopy, confocal microscopy, neurosurgery, among others.

According to the director of Teaching and Research at ISD, Reginaldo Freitas Junior, “the new house represents a qualitative leap in infrastructure, improving the Institute’s scientific potential and its capacity to interact with other institutions towards the strengthening of science, as well as the mission embraced by ISD.”


ISD transfer its Administrative Headquarters from São Paulo to Macaíba


The Campus of the Brain also houses from now on the ISD´s Administrative Office, which was previously located in the city of São Paulo. This initiative has concentrated all units of the Santos Dumont Institute in Macaíba, a town located about 13 miles from Natal. Besides the Headquarters and the IIN-ELS, Macaiba houses the facilities of Center for Education and Health Research Anita Garibaldi (CEPS, as Portuguese abbreviation). The proximity between units further widens the integration between ISD teaching, research and extension actions in the areas of education and research in neurosciences, neuroengineering, maternal and child health and rehabilitation.

The activities in the Campus of the Brain begins along with the second cycle of the Management Contract between ISD and the Brazilian Ministry of Education. This event brings new challenges, impact indicators and goals to pursue. “Our collective dream is becoming real. The work started in 2007, the team grew since then, and now we are happy to see all this coming true. There is a lot of dedication and passion present in this initiative, which is one of our main strengths”, says Freitas Júnior.

By: Luiz Paulo Juttel / Ascom – ISD

Photos: Luiz Paulo Juttel / Ascom – ISD

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