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Master's Degree in Neuroengineering of IIN-ELS receives registrations until January 14, 2018

November 17, 20175:08 PM

The public call for the Master’s degree in Neuroengineering from the International Institute of Neurosciences Edmond and Lily Safra (IIN-ELS) receives applications from candidates until January 14, 2018. This course is linked to the area of ​​Biomedical Engineering and is intended for graduates of (Biology, Medicine, Psychology, etc.) and Engineering (baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree). Those interested in deepening knowledge in the area of ​​Neuroengineering will attend classes at the IIN-ELS, a unit of Instituto Santos Dumont (ISD) located in Macaíba (RN), a city that is about 14 kilometers from Natal.

The IIN-ELS Postgraduate Program (PPG) offers the first master’s degree course in Neuroengineering in Brazil, authorized by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES).

Neuroengineering is an area of ​​interdisciplinary research that combines neuroscience and engineering methods to study the functioning of the nervous system and develop solutions to the limitations and dysfunctions associated with it. The PPG in Neuroengineering of the IIN-ELS has two lines of research: Brain-Machine Interface (ICM) and Neuromodulation.

Information about the master’s degree and details about the curricular matrix can be found on the IIN-ELS Graduate page: http://www.institutosantosdumont.org.br/pos-graduacao-neuroengenharia/

To access the edital click HERE.

Schedule and stages of the selection process 2018.1 – Master in Neuroengineering:

  • I – Registration: 11/17/17 – 01/14/18;
  • II – Assessment of documents: 15/01/18 – 17/01/18;
  • III – Dissemination of the results of the first stage and scheduling the interviews: 01/17/18;
  • IV – Interviews with those approved in the first phase: 1/18/18 – 1/19/18;
  • V – Dissemination of results: 01/22/18;
  • VI – Registration (via e-mail): 01/22/18 – 01/26/18;
  • VII – Enrollment in the Program (in person): 05/03/18 – 09/03/18;
  • VIII – Beginning of classes: 05/03/18.

By: Ariane Mondo / Ascom – ISD

Photo: Luiz Paulo Juttel / Ascom – ISD

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